Turkmen carpets are still recognized today even among the expert carpet dealers in the United States and Western Europe as "Bukhara carpets". Bukhara is one of the ancient Oriental cities among the Silk Road where Turkmen people used to sell these beautiful hand-made wool textiles. Many world rug specialists consider these carpets (especially the antique masterpieces) as one of the most genuinely unique and high quality carpets in the world.

Pazaryk carpet                    Pazaryk carpet ( Close-up)

"Pazaryk" - the oldest Turkmen" rug in the world - circa 4 Century BCE

The main peculiarity of world-renowned Turkmen hand-made carpets is that they are actually woven from pure wool unlike most of Persian rugs where some cotton is blended to accelerate and simplify the rug weaving process. A special elastic pure wool yarn is spun from the wool of Turkmen "Saryja" sheep bred only in climate conditions of Turkmenistan from times immemorial - this wool is a major raw material for Turkmen textiles.

Various highly nutritional vegetation of local pastures attaches the most valuable properties to the wool of "Saryja" - high hygroscopy (the ability to easily absorb moisture from air and retrieve it back), effective protection from cold, high solidity of fibers, flexibility.

Yomut woman

Turkmen hand-made carpets are made only from ecologically pure wool creating the most comfortable and aesthetic conditions.

An amazing beauty and longevity of Turkmen carpets is a result of magnificent carpet-weaving traditions that have attained high perfection and rich artistic expressiveness of the design during more than 4 thousand years of their existence.

Our carpets are antique-washed to give it a great sheen and the look of the world-renowned antique Turkmen rugs. Foundation, warps and wefts are all woven from the 100 % pure wool of the local "Saryja" ("yellowish" in Turkmen) breed of Turkmen sheep, which is considered to have superb characteristics superior even to the New Zealand wool.

We predominantly use Persian double knots in our rugs. Our carpets normally have 200 000 - 350 000 knot per square meter, which is equivalent to 131 - 230 knots per square inch.

We are able to organize (with certain arrangements to be made) the production of wool carpets that would surpass our nation's famous Akhal-Teke "Gushly-Gol" with 1.144 million knots per square meter. There are all essential facilities to achieve this because Turkmen women who weave these rugs are so exceptionally skilled as to produce masterpieces of carpet art such as portraits, perfectly woven on the carpets with extremely high yield of knots per square meter.

Teke woman weaving "Gushly gol"

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