The rugs/cartoons below can be turned by our skilled Turkmen weavers into the most beautiful Turkmen custom rugs in any color and size as desired. The most archaic gols and border designs have been meticulously reproducted.

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# 1 Teke (Tekke) "Gushly Gol" Main Rug Replica


# 2 Teke (Tekke) "Gushly Gol" Main Rug Replica


# 3 Teke (Tekke) Namazlyk (Prayer Rug) Replica


# 4 Yomut (Yomud) "Gabsa Gol" Main Rug Replica


# 5 Yomut (Yomud) Ensi Replica


# 6 Arsary (Ersari) Gyzylayak "Towuk Gol" (Tauk Noska) Main Rug Replica